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Do you need your managers and employees to work effectively as a team?
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The “Leadership 360 Degree” feedback survey is a powerful, proven process for providing confidential, unfiltered feedback on the performance of employees operating at any level in your company.

Research has proven that the most effective, meaningful performance feedback comes from a wide range of employees, from different departments and with varied skills and experience levels. By utilizing this feedback, your organization is in the perfect position to decide which team building training or time management training may be necessary to correcting identified problem areas.

The survey can be administered on-line or on-site and gathers confidential, anonymous feedback from managers, peers and subordinates for employee development, training and team building.

The 25-question survey measures leaders, managers or employee competencies in five key areas: team building, execution, strategic vision, personal behavior and business knowledge. It can be customized based on the employee’s scope of responsibility and role in your company.

After the survey results are compiled and reviewed with the employee surveyed, a “Development Plan” is prepared defining specific actions to address insights gained from the “Leadership 360.

“In every small business, clear and accurate assessment of the performance of the company's managers is valuable feedback for managers and company presidents. Mr. Baber implemented a survey that presented feedback to each manager from his/her peers, his manager and each of those in his department.

The detailed reports will be a valuable tool in addressing how we can lead in a more effective manner. The approach was both effective and efficient as Baber lead us through the process.

I would recommend it for anyone who sees the importance of strong leadership in their organization.”

Owner, Marketing Company

“Don't tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with the results.”

- George S. Patton

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