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Start-Up/Part-Time CFO

Do you need higher level help than a bookkeeper or accountant, but don't need and can't afford a CFO?

Call Bob today for a free consultation…and get experienced financial advice, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

By providing outsourced CFO services, Baber Turnaround Consulting makes life easier and reduces headaches for business owners by taking care of high-level financial issues that our business and financial consulting clients prefer not to handle in-house. These businesses now focus on what they do best and leave their turnaround and financial headaches to us.

Bob Baber provides high level services.* Baber’s turnaround assessments and financial consulting are typically half-day sessions that are focused, affordable and convenient for clients and their staff.

As your part-time CFO, Baber Turnaround Consulting can:

  • Integrate rapidly and seamlessly into your management team
  • Solve business problems and if necessary locate and work with attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, computer specialists, marketing specialists, tax, financial planners, etc.
  • Prepare and negotiate loan packages
  • Develop “bank ready” financial projections and locate funding sources for your business
  • Identify, recruit and train accounting and office staff
  • Improve the effectiveness of business processes and systems

Contact Baber Consulting to schedule an introductory meeting so that we can learn about your business and to see where we can help with your financial issues and business strategies. There is no charge for the first meeting with Baber Turnaround Consulting.

“In my experience, Bob’s clients have benefited from the type of proactive financial insight that you would expect from a first-rate internal CFO. This extends from cash flow management and operational effectiveness, to getting the right personnel in the right positions. Bob is a valuable resource to his clients.”

R. Milton Howell, III, CPA, CSEP, Partner
Davenport, Marvin, Joyce & Co, LLP

* We do not offer tax, audit or other CPA-related services.

“A sentimentalist is a man who sees an absurd value in everything but doesn't know the market price of a single thing.”

- Oscar Wilde

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