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Strategic Planning

Have you updated your strategic plan in the last year?

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Very few business owners make the time to implement a thoughtful, meaningful and actionable strategic plan, nor do they take the time to consistently monitor customer and supplier financial status and strategies.

The process of creating a Business Plan and Strategic Plan are similar, depending on the objectives of the exercise, importance of various elements and whether outsiders, as well as insiders, will use the information.

Using an outside facilitator like Baber Turnaround Consulting can reduce the stress and time involvement of owners, managers and staff. More importantly, we provide perspectives that “insiders” may not have...or may not be willing to share.

Baber Turnaround Consulting can jump-start your strategic planning process by helping:

  • Define the company vision – where does the owner want the company to be/look like/function in the next three to five years
  • Identify the “gap” between where the company is today compared to the vision (go back from the future...)
  • Facilitate a SWOT exercise to determine Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats:
    • Internal factors: define strengths, weaknesses and related implications for the business
    • External factors: define opportunities, threats and related implications for the business
    • Define the key milestones to get from where you are to where you want to be including quarterly goals, individual responsibilities, department responsibilities, internal resource allocations, external resource requirements, measurement systems and financial implications
    • Prepare a financial forecast based on the output of the strategic planning process

“Bob Baber was brought into an old, troubled and complex international family business to help us improve the financial worth of the company. After 1-∏ years of hard work and dedication, financial indicators pointed to a new and more profitable future.

This turnaround could not have been accomplished without Bob's skill, insight and effort. He not only became part of our management team, but he also became a part of our extended family.”

Owner, Manufacturing Company

“Vision without action is merely a dream ... Vision with action can change the world.”

- Joel Barker

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