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Turnaround Consulting

Do you have the answers when bankers, investors or family members ask “when will
business get better…and what you are going to do if it doesn’t”?

Call Bob today for a free consultation…and reduce your stress.

As your Business Turnaround Consultant, we will:

  • Provide objective, quantifiable options to quickly improve your cash flow, operating efficiency and business strategies
  • Help you make and implement the tough decisions, especially regarding employees, in order to stay in business
  • Serve as an interim or part-time CFO, if you don’t need one full-time
  • Prepare cash flow models (short term - 13 weeks, long term - 2 years) to predict current and future cash requirements so that your stakeholders can manage their expectations
  • Serve as a facilitator between company owners and their lenders to renegotiate loan terms or locate new capital
  • Analyze your financial procedures and controls, organizational structure, supply chain management and customer profitability, then make recommendations for improvement and implement action plans

“Our company had been struggling with reduced sales volume, profits and cash flow for nearly two years, and we were considering filing for bankruptcy protection. Our attorney recommended that we talk to Bob Baber who had done “turnaround work” for other clients of the firm.

After only two or three half-day work sessions with Bob we began implementing his recommendations, including new direct labor pay programs. Almost overnight production increased 20% and labor cost as a % of sales went down nearly 30%.

Bob is easy to work with, gets results fast and is there when we need him.”

Owner, Furniture Manufacturing Company

“After twenty five successful years in business, we thought we were recession proof. The fall of 2008 taught us how terribly wrong we were, we lost 40% of our business almost overnight.

With the thought of bankruptcy, we hired an attorney who in turn recommended Bob Baber as a consultant. At first we were skeptical, who could know our business better than us?

Bob worked with us on our books, showing us where the money was going and maybe where it should not. He helped put us on track with foreseeing problems that could arise in the future.

We continue to work with Bob and will be ever grateful for his knowledge and friendly assistance. Thanks in part to Bob, hopefully we will have another twenty-five successful years!”

Thomas C. and Valerie M. Nelson
All American Miniwarehouse, Inc

“Keep costs variable. Outsource non-critical functions.”

- Anonymous

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